Hello, everyone! Thank you for reading!

I’m Isabella, and I’m an architect, a happy architect!

Assume it runs in the family that my grandmother, Susi, also a happy architect because she has so many friends!

I love chocolate sweets, rows and poisons; I love letters but not numbers …

Sometimes I use a lot of exclamation points to sketch and drop dots to let words have the chance to go on their own.

I have the passion for my work and make my work as a passion to lead me to design the most intimate spaces in the house. I thought I would fill this “my new home” with furniture, colours, sounds, images, words, perfumes that are why I started to write a blog! My wish is to share all I know, to create a house feel more like home. And to host all the people here who will want to come and enjoy it …

So my writings seem to me a good wish for a “good home” which is also a “good home”, a “good container” for a family, relationships, dreams, warmth, life …

Home is where you feel at home … so you are welcome!

I am happy that you are here!